Performers, writers, creatives. Are you held back in what you want to achieve?


  • Many creative people are plagued with anxiety and self-doubt.
  • Are you struggling with stress in your life?
  • Do you keep self-sabotaging yourself in ways that affect your success?

I have had many years experience as a registered counsellor and psychotherapist and worked as an arts manager and practitioner. This combination means I intimately understand the issues you face and have helped lots of people, just like you, to overcome their anxiety and doubt.

Through counselling, we can learn together how to turn your inner critic into a helpful ally and develop strategies to boost your creative potential and control your fears, so that you can start performing at your best.

                         “Peta Landman combines clarity with practical compassion.
I have found her to be an active and perceptive listener who really
understands the doubts that plague the creative mind. Her
experience in the arts gives her a unique perspective on helping artists understand self-sabotaging behaviour and fulfill their potential.”
Caroline Baum, author & journalist

Contact me for a free 10-minute phone consultation to address any questions you may have and to discuss how counselling may benefit you.
Phone or video sessions available.
t @PetaLandman
m 0415 264 961

To hear me interviewed about my counselling:

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